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Wrigley, Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

The picturesque community of Wrigley is a scenic 2 hour trip north of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie Highway. This is a quiet community that overlooks the Mackenzie River. In the distance you can see the Franklin Mountains. The famous Roche Qui Trempe a L'eau (mountain with its feet in the water) near Wrigley is a photographer's dream.

Fishing on the Mackenzie River

Black bears near Wrigley

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Wrigley Northwest Territories

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Dene Beadwork, Fur and Fashion

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A distinctive and cozy 5 room retreat nestled off the East bank of the historic McKenzie River in the western Northwest Territories. The Petanea Inns North hotel offers guests to the community of Wrigley the finest of amenities in an idyllic Arctic setting. (more...)

Northern Lights over Wrigley

Dene Beading

The Petanea Inns North hotel has been charming travelers with their famous brand of hospitality since 1973. Our relationships with the local co-op store and experienced outfitters will help guarantee you'll return home with many exciting stories from the land of the Northern Lights.

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