Beadwork, Fur and Fashion

Dene Beadwork, Fur and Fashion

Wrigley is home to many trappers. The fur trade has been an integral part of the economy of Wrigley for centuries. Wrigley furs are sold throughout the world and are reknown for their quality. Fur and hides are used in the creation of traditional Dene crafts. Here you will find:

  • handmade moccasins
  • embroidered jackets
  • deerskin mitts
  • individually designed bags and purses
  • beaded jewelry

The Dene have long been known for their beautiful beadwork.

A son of Wrigley has taken this art form one step further. Darcy Moses is a Canadian fashion designer. Five years ago he was considered the toast of New York. He made a decision to return to the area of his roots and has set up a new fashion house called Nats’enelu (a Dene word meaning “coming together to sew”), in the nearby community of Fort Simpson.

Nats’enelu’s catalogue contains:

  • moosehair tufted vests
  • elkhide and cowhide pants
  • caribou and moose-hide jackets
  • wool and cloth coats with traditional tufting, beadwork and embroidery.

He continues to design his own collections for the international market which are manufactured in Canada by Midwest Garment (MWG). His company’s designs are highlighted by traditional Dene motifs.

His work has been shown in:

  • New York
  • Germany
  • Toronto
  • Montreal

and are sold at retailers like Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew.

When he's not designing, Dacy Moses can be found checking the trap lines or fishing with his extended family in Wrigley.






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