Wrigley Northwest Territories


Welcome to Wrigley

The picturesque community of Wrigley is a scenic 2 hour trip north of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie Highway. This is a quiet community that overlooks the Mackenzie River. In the distance you can see the Franklin Mountains. The famous Roche Qui Trempe a L'eau (mountain with its feet in the water) near Wrigley is a photographer's dream. This steep rounded rock rises 1200 feet over the water. Watch carefully and you may see falcons nesting on the ledges of this rock.

Many of the residents of Wrigley live in log cabins. Some have adjoing teepees where families still dry and store traditional foods of the Dene and Slavey people. Most of the Dene and Slavey people who reside at Wrigley carry on their traditional livelihoods of hunting, fishing and trapping




Traditional Teepee

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